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To the people that I know and I’ll meet.


I present to you the list of my biggest turn-offs.Really. 

  • The one who fishes for compliments. Did I just said that? Yep. It’s self-explanatory but I’ll give an example: A woman who’s all dressed-up and prepared but saying “I am so ugly.” Better say, “Do I look presentable/ good enough?” 
  • The one who can’t hold a good, smart and humorous conversation. Smart is the new sexy. I, myself talks so much and I want to learn something new everyday by talking to people. And it just feels really good after a funny conversation, isn’t it?
  • The one who’s not comfortable with him/herself. I don’t know but I just love all the people who’s confident with what they’re doing and isn’t afraid to discover things and try something new.
  • The one who lacks ambition. Well, it is what its. Be passionate about something because there are so many things that might get your interest.
  • The one who can’t stand for what he/she believes in. Man, I tell you that if you can’t stand for what you believe in, it’s like your hiding forever. 
  • The one who’s not straight forward. This is for the people who have problems with someone and can’t even say it straight to the face of the person and keeps on making the issue bigger and bigger. 
  • The one who’s always negative. Believe that it will happen because if you will it, it will be yours. It’s just annoying to stay with people who’s always worried. Oh come on! Always be on the brighter side.

I think that’s all. Or I forget something? Nah. 

This is a long overdue post. Hi, everyone! How’s life going? I’ve been really busy fixing things and attending errands that I find no time to fill the blog and I am really sorry for that. The photos above are all from my instagram account

  • Random photo during the independence day. #Kalayaan2014
  • Clingy friends forever. I swear that night, it was really hard to let everyone go. I know that sometime soon, we’ll never get to bond for a long time because of academics. I promise to keep in touch with them forever.
  • Kristine’s 18th! So this high school classmate of mine turned 18. Grabbed the photo on her fb!
  • Bonifacio Global City’s view from my lens.
  • How does it feel being hit by a wall? One of the philosophical vandals in UP Diliman.
  • Me, being awkward.

So yep.

I know I’ve been MIA for the past few weeks and I am really sorry for that. The holy week passed really fast and I’ve been just a couch potato (ooops) joke! I went to places which are really close to my heart. After a long vacation, I just realized some things that I added on my notes to self. Here it is:

  • You forget some people not because you hate them, but because you respect yourself.
  • Sometimes, we’re having a hard time to believe in ourselves, that’s why we can’t blame ourselves when we can’t trust other people. 
  • When in doubt, pray. When you’re happy, give thanks. 
  • It’s an irony that food is always there to comfort you.
  • Writing is very therapeutic.

On the other hand, I have here also my list of rants over the summer! 

  • Heat.
  • Heeeeeat.
  • It’s very warm outside.
  • The suuuun!

See! I am really sure that we are all sharing the same rants (and yeah, I can hear you saying yes) Hahaha. 

How’s your summer going so far? Let me hear from you! I am just a TA away. 


No. Don’t. 

Why do we even chose to be at this point?

I am turning around

To go, explore and realize that I’ve found

We were happy before

And now, both of us feel this sore

Not believing that it’s true

But it seems like we are each other’s foe


Day 7 of 100: New Blog layout! 

Yes, I will, we will!

Day 5 & 6: Yay for bum life!

Hello April! Looking forward for a month full of adventure and new discoveries. I am hoping that this month can offer the best of everything. 

Day 4 of 100: Portraits! 

It makes me smile whenever I browse good photos that I took. 

Summer 2014: Antipolo Stonehouse

My High School friends planned for a catch up session and swimming for a quality time to relax because our first year in college life turned out to be so good! We went to the Antipolo Stonehouse and the great times at that place was a history.

On our way to the Antipolo! full smiles because yolo!

Mirror selfie with the bombs, Aimee and Annie. These girls were very gorgeous and they mature really fast! 

Mornings and evenings spent at this place is so relaxing. Fresh air plus green view! I just want to stay here because the weather in Manila is intolerable. So warm!

Again, groupie with them girls! 

What’s the disadvantage of being a photographer? You take good photographs yet your portraits will surely be blurred. Hahaha. Summer na summer ang peg ko diyan!

Thanks Jhace who served as the head for foods considering that she’s taking up Cruise-line and Culinary Arts at the Lyceum of the Philippines University. The foods served was very delicious, thanks to the work of her hands!

Thank You guys for the experience! Great time with great people! 

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